Design and flexibility for your projects

The new section of the company is dedicated to Architects, Designers and Companies looking for new generation materials, unusual ideas for their creations and evolutionary solutions for building new potential for projects.

Our years of expertise in the construction of tape allows us to produce these "metallic fabrics" in different configurations, structures, sizes and varieties' of materials.

What are the benefits?




The use of wire mesh belts in the architectural fields allows the designer to interpret each project with unusual structural and aesthetic solutions. Some recent applications, in continuous expansion, related furnishings, the interior lining and covering of facades.

The possibilities of use are many and we are confident that this product, in its different varieties construction, will be in the near future the backbone of many innovative design solutions. For this reason we are willing to accept any request for information and technical details to build, along with designers, customized solutions for various environments and to meet specific aesthetic and functional needs.