Produzione nastri metallici made in italy

Respect for the environment and continuous improvement

Technological innovation is a driving force behind our economic growth and competitiveness. By improving our production techniques, we aim to meet the demands of our reference market, which is more and more frequently requesting conveyor belts suitable for new handling techniques, and also to face and overcome technical challenges that our customers present us.

The implementation of new production methods, supported by new resources and skills, allows us to increase our production capacity and develop a working environment with constantly improved products, higher production efficiency and reduction of industrial costs.

The company's goals

Reduce the environmental impact

Making speeches at both technology and management, monitoring the progress of our environmental indicators and optimizing the collection of waste products to increase the amount of waste sent for recovery.

Improving internal organisation

Through meetings and moments of confrontation between department managers to develop a better and more effective exchange of information.

Improve customer satisfaction

Developing laboratory tests to guarantee quality of the product and providing real-time information on the progress of orders.

Reduce costs

Installing equipment to control energy consumption, improving and extending an accounting environmental permits to follow the development in different areas of activity to the economy.