Industrial Products


Spiral wire link belts are transport equipment made of metallic wire mesh; they come in different shapes and sizes and are weaved according to different geometrical forms, each suitable for a specific industrial application. These belts have a strong mechanical and high temperature wear resistance; as a matter of fact, they can be used for a wide temperature range, between -50°C (-58°F) and 1200°C (2,200°F).
For all these reasons, spiral wire link belts can be used in many industrial processes and in many different sectors:
• Glass industry: ovens for tempering - annealing and glass decoration - ovens for ceramics  - cross conveyors - I.S. machines - collecting tables
• Mechanical and metallurgical industry: heat treatment ovens - plants for the sintering and braze welding - conveyors for the movement of screws and small hardware, recycling of shavings, shrinkages and parts in oil tanks
• Pharmaceutical industry: plants for the production of bottles and vials
• Food industry: food plants (pasteurizers, desiccators, coolers)
• Construction industry: conveyor belts for cement factories - machines for beach cleaning - architecture for indoor and outdoor areas
• Packaging industry: packaging machines - heat shrink machines




The metal belts called "silent chains" are transport equipment made with plates of heat-treated material; these are suitable for industrial applications where high wear resistance is required, also with very high temperature conditions. They are typically used in the glass industry.



To complete the range of our standard products, we can produce conveyor belts for special applications that adopt innovative geometrical and technological solutions and can give a valid support to complex processes. We can accept every inquiry and meet every technical requirement in order to manufacture conveyor belts with customized characteristics, to meet every working condition.